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Pioneering is a great way learn how to use ropes properly. There are many applications in real life that require ropes and by building a pioneering project, scouts can learn what works and what does not. My favorite rope for most projects is 3/16 - 1/4 inch braded polyester. Nylon will also work but it does stretch and if you put too much pressure on the lashing it may loosen. Collect your spars green! Dowelling and deadfall will break under stress. The best spars are hardwood.

Rope Bridge  (Click here to see how to build a rope bridge!)
Do you know that you can build a rope bridge, play on it, and take it down in a two-hour meeting? This project is best done outside. All you need are two good anchor points about 15-20 metres apart (trees will do).
Catapults (Click here to see how to build a catapult!)
A slight modification on John Sweet's version but still great fun, especially in the warm weather (you can throw water balloons). A great way to learn square lashings.
Tetrahedrons (How to build a tetrahedron)
These pyramid shaped constructions are a great way to learn tripod and square lashings and have fun doing it. Equipped with elastic throwers, the gym will very quickly fill with flying tennis balls.