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Some notes on Firewood

ALDER Not good except when very well seasoned. Hard to chop or split.
ASH The best wood of all. Easy to split. Burns well green or seasoned. Pleasant smell.
BEECH Nearly, but not quite as good as ash. Burns best seasoned. Easy to split.
BIRCH Burns brightly but rather quickly. Very easy to split.
CHERRY Burns brightly. Gives fierce heat. Best when seasoned. Pleasant smell. Easy to split.
CEDAR Burns well with good flame and heat. Easy to chop. Gives pleasant smell, but spits.
ELM Several varieties. Burns well on good fire when well seasoned. Very poor when green, giving acrid smoke.
ELDER Burns quickly and unpleasantly. Little heat and very acrid smell.
FIRS All burn brightly, but spit quite long distances. Very easy to split.
FRUIT TREES Nearly all very sweet smelling, but difficult to split.
HAZEL A very satisfactory wood. Burns steadily. Easy to split.
HAWTHORNE Difficult to handle, but burns very well when mixed with quicker burning woods.
HORNBEAM A sound, reliable, slow burning wood. Very hard on the axe. Gives great heat.
HORSE CHESTNUT More or less useless. Won't burn in less then furnace heat.
HOLM OAK Very hard to work and difficult to burn.
HOLLY Burns very well, green or seasoned. Easy to split and pleasant smell.
LIME Not much use except mixed in small proportion with other woods. Little lame. Hard to light.
LARCH Burns very quickly, but spits very avidly.
MAPLE A reliable solid wood. Hard to split.
OAK Too valuable for camp fire, and too slow burning. Smolders except when mixed. Hard to work.
POPLAR Splits easily, burns poorly and smells terribly.
SWEET CHESTNUT Not much use for fires.
SYCAMORE Can be mixed, but no good alone. Easy to work.
SPRUCE Burns quickly, but spits a bit.
WILLOW Burns very moderately when well seasoned. Easy to split:
YEW Excellent, if you want the fire to last the whole camp. Very hard on the axe.